March MATness!!

It’s crazy to believe that just two weeks ago the temperatures here in Austin ranged from a low of 0 to a high of 25! While we enjoyed the beautiful white snow and the excitement of cooler weather, we Texans were simply not prepared for this surprise winter wonderland.

Fast forward to today, March 5th. The sun is shining and temps are now in the high 70’s! What a huge difference between the two.

March represents a time of growth and rebirth and this year is no different. We have endured all kinds of challenges this past year and I along with many others are much stronger and wiser from it.

During the shutdown last year many clients transitioned from in studio to online classes with mat work being the bulk of our sessions. Over the past year I witnessed something so amazing... clients were getting stronger with the mat work and were able to do advanced work with ease, back pain gone, breathing improved and balance and posture increased tremendously. All from mat work, WOW!!!

This month we celebrate Pilates around the world by showcasing Joseph Pilates' original mat work, all 34 exercises. Check out our Instagram page @synergypilatestx to see a new move each day!!

News and Happenings:

Join us for our two virtual community mat classes this month (both are donation based with all proceeds going towards the Texas Storm Relief Efforts.

Dates: Sunday, March the 14th at 3pm CST (All Level Mat)

Saturday, March the 27th at 1:30pm CST (Low Bone Density Options)

Register Here:

PS...stay tuned to our IG page for more exciting updates!


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