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At Synergy we offer Private and small group Pilates sessions to suit different levels and goals. All sessions are designed specifically for our clients goals. We also specialize in Pre and Postnatal Pilates, Pelvic floor health, Pilates for active aging, Pre/Post Rehab, and Pilates for Athletes. We offer in studio, off site and online sessions.

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Our Pilates Offerings

At Synergy our focus is on high quality, well thought out Personal and Small Group Sessions designed  specifically for you.

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Private Sessions

Experience personalized Pilates instruction tailored to your individualized needs and fitness goals. This is ideal for those new to Pilates, looking for Pre-Post Rehab or want more individualized attention.

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Small Group Sessions

Experience highly quality instruction in a small group setting.

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SRT Session

SRT therapy, known also as Soft-stretch Release Techniques, SRT is a unique approach to neuro myofascial release and unwinding of the tissue with a completely gentle, soft, and non-aggressive application.

Personal Sessions
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